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Work with various hardware & sensor technologies with the goal of inspiring new and innovative ways to engage bar patrons & deliver business insights back to retail owners. 

Get your hands on platforms, electronic components, APIs, SDKs and content from cutting edge technology firms.


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1st Place - Apple Watches

2nd Place - Samsung Galaxy Tablets

3rd Place - Amazon Echo

Most Creative - SONOS Play 1

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Please refer to event Terms and Conditions 


Please answer the following questions for your submission:

1. What we plan to solve….

Briefly explain what your idea plans to solve. Relate this back to the two hackathon challenges.

2. How we’ll solve it…

Briefly explain what your idea plans to solve. Relate this back to the two hackathon challenges.

3. Our measurements of success…

  • Measurement #1
  • Measurement #2
  • Measurement #3


How to enter

Make sure all team members have created a ChallengePost account and have registered for the challenge first. Each team decides on a submission manager.

Submission manager starts the submission by going to the challenge homepage, see URL above and by clicking ENTER A SUBMISSION.

Fill out all required fields. NOTE: You can edit and flesh these out later!

    • App Title
    • App Tagline – a few words will suffice
    • Description – Include First and Last name of everyone on your team. At this point this could be everything under description.
    • Image –you can use any png/jpeg file and you will be able to update later
    • Add team members - using the email addresses connected to their ChallengePost accounts

Click on SUBMIT FOR REVIEW – NOTE: You will be able to edit your submission as many times as you’d like throughout the hackathon until the final submission deadline on Sunday at 12pm. You can add more images, screenshots, flesh out the description, event change the name if you’d like. Talk to us if you have any questions! 



Alexi Solit

Alexi Solit
Global Director of Franchising and Branded Stores

Terry Hemken

Terry Hemken
Senior Director Innovations and Analytics

Marc Drucker

Marc Drucker
Global Director Front End Innovation

Judging Criteria

  • Technical execution of the Event Solution (1-20 points)
  • The Event Solution’s ability to drive potential new insights to retail owner and/or create compelling interactions amongst consumers and/or facilitate new experiences/utility around the Promoter’s products amongst consumers. (1-20 points)
  • Use of the Promoter’s beverage analytics hub & sensors within the Event Solution (1-30 points)
  • Innovation and uniqueness of the Event Solution (1-30 points)

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